B4 Capital is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of top live sports content, distributing over 2,000 hours of programming per year to major global broadcasters.

This content originates from some of the most prestigious clients and events in world sport, including:

  • Spanish Football Federation
  • Italian Football Federation
  • CAF
  • Concacaf
  • Italian Rugby Union Federation
  • Women’s Tennis Association
  • Copa del Rey final
  • Supercopa de España
  • Coppa Italia
  • Supercoppa Italiana
  • Copa Libertadores
  • Copa Sudamericana

B4 distributes content across all forms of media, including: television, IPTV, internet, OTT, inflight and inship, closed circuit and mobile.


For over 20 years B4 Capital has been providing strategic consultancy to some of the world’s leading sports federations and leagues.


  • Strategic advice
  • Implementation and negotiation covering television and digital platforms
  • Maximise commercial revenues while also gaining the widest possible exposure for its partners and rights holders


  • Maximise revenues and marketing benefits
  • Create blueprints for sponsorship strategy
  • Property and rights auditing
  • Rights structuring and sponsorship leverage
  • Procurement
  • Contract negotiation
  • Client management


  • Well-conceived licensing and merchandising programmes designed to maximise revenues
  • Deliver consistent and on-point brand message
  • Increase brand presence

B4 Capital produces both live and magazine programming across the sports and entertainment sectors.

The complete range of production services include:

  • Host Broadcasting multi-camera productions
  • Unilateral Services
  • Programme Creation
  • Programme Enhancements
  • Technical Delivery

The production team have worked across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas delivering a broad range of events and programming for senior sports federations and global broadcasters.

B4 has vast experience in the world of sports television providing an outstanding creative, editorial and technical service to all of our partners.

B4 Capital exploits and monetises digital rights around the world, from live content to news services and football club channels.

The change in global viewing patterns has meant that there is a greater significance placed on digital rights, which has provided an opportunity for new players to enter the sports broadcast market.

B4 has the expertise in the digital media rights space to be able to provide its clients with clear, strategic, digital media consultancy.

Future proofing rights values, striking a balance between rights fees and gaining exposure, and determining the appropriate revenue model.

B4 Capital has a proven record of seeking out and delivering sports-based investments to its partners that offer long-term value and a healthy return on investment.

Uniquely placed at the centre of the sports industry, B4 is able to guide investors with tailored, expert advice and market insight.

The company has well-established links across the sports industry, working with some of the world’s top football clubs, competitions, leagues, associations and broadcasters.

The services include:

  • Partnership development
  • Strategic market development and sales
  • Strategic marketing
  • Mergers, acquisitions and financing
  • Channel sales
  • New product development
  • New business exploration